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No More Boring Floors With Boston Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Can’t stand to look at your old, outdated flooring anymore? Time to transform it into a work of art with the help of Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA! Our Metallic Epoxy Flooring service will give your surface that little something extra it needs. 

What is metallic epoxy?

Metallic epoxy flooring has been growing in popularity for those wanting a sleeker and more modern alternative to natural or traditional flooring like hardwood, tile, or granite. Metallic epoxy is a multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that uses glitter-like pigments to create stunning visual effects. 

Particularly, the metallic pigments are mixed into a low yellowing epoxy and then poured onto the surface. Once the epoxy hardens, the metallic pigments will be locked into place and show beautiful, three-dimensional shimmering swirls. The design possibilities of metallic epoxy are endless. Residential clients and commercial business owners can achieve looks similar to natural stone, colored glass, and wood flooring by adding vinyl color chips and mineral flakes. 

Metallic epoxy is commonly used for:

Metallic epoxy flooring puts a stylish spin on the durable and long-lasting protection of epoxy. Do you want to install one in your home or business? Call the best metallic epoxy flooring contractors in the Boston area: Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA.

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Boston Metallic Epoxy Features Beauty & Durability

Although metallic epoxy flooring is more popular for its aesthetic appeal, it is still the same durable epoxy surface we all know and love. Professionally installed metallic epoxy floor can withstand oils, paints, and caustic chemicals. It is highly resistant to cracks, scratches, and peeling and is guaranteed 800% stronger than concrete flooring alone. 

Metallic epoxy floors may look slippery because of their high gloss finish, but they are actually the best choice if you want safe and non-slip flooring. They are anti-skid, hygienic, and easy to clean – making them perfect for both residential and commercial flooring projects. 

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Bring Style To Your Plain and Boring Concrete Floors With Boston Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Make your dull, boring concrete floor a head-turner with metallic epoxy installed by our Boston team! Our edge over other contractors is we use a commercial-grade formula and execute a unique installation method to achieve the exact look you desire. 

We boast almost unlimited metallic epoxy designs. Do you want an earthy tone like driftwood or sandcastle for your kitchen? Or do you want a bold color like apricot and forest green? Our talented contractors can help you achieve it. The lustrous metallic epoxy flooring we create will give character and dramatic beauty to whatever room it is added to while still providing the performance of an industrial-strength concrete coating.

What You Need To Know About Boston Metallic Epoxy Flooring

We do not suggest metallic epoxy floor installation as a do-it-yourself project. While you can find detailed how-to guides online and buy DIY metallic epoxy kits from stores, nothing can match the benefits of hiring professional contractors. When you opt to work with an expert team like us at Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA, you can guarantee better results, prevent costly errors, and ensure that your metallic epoxy floor will reach its maximum lifespan.

While metallic epoxy floors can breathe life into your dull concrete floors and protect them against daily wear and tear, we do not recommend using them on outdoor flooring. The metallic epoxy may lose its unique color and shine over time when constantly exposed to sunlight.

With our metallic epoxy, the design possibilities are endless. We have metallic silver, metallic white, metallic bronze, metallic antique gold, and other stunning single or multi-colored pigments. You can select whatever color you want for your floor. You can even achieve looks similar to colored glass, natural stone, and wood flooring by adding certain paints and flakes. Our metallic epoxy flooring is unique – no two floors will be the same.

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