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 What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating is rapidly becoming a popular flooring option not just here in Massachusetts but everywhere. 

In brief, epoxy is a mixture of two components, a hardener and a resin, which create a waterproof and incredibly durable surface once dried. Many homeowners and commercial space owners love it because it is cost-effective and can last for several decades.

Whatever your epoxy flooring needs, Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA got you covered. Our team of flooring experts has countless years of experience in epoxy floor coating and installation. We are certified, insured, and fully equipped to complete your project on time and to your satisfaction. Our expert services include:

Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA only uses commercial-grade epoxy formulas that are durable and up to the job. We also execute nothing but the best installation methods to ensure that your epoxy floor coating will look fantastic and last a lifetime. Our skilled contractors can create any epoxy floor you could imagine – thanks to our vast range of epoxy colors, textures, and finish options. 

We pride ourselves to have completed numerous epoxy floor coating projects for homeowners as well as different commercial and industrial spaces like manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops, car park areas, food and beverage, and pharma facilities. Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA will give your old flooring a new life and make sure it will be as interesting as you are.

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Boston Epoxy Durability

Boston Epoxy Flooring Installs Durable Epoxy Floor Coating That Reflects Your Lifestyle

When your floors begin to lose their beauty and shine, you know it’s time for a new floor system. But remember to never settle for less than the best for your flooring. You deserve a unique, stylish, and highly durable epoxy floor coating installed by our seasoned team.

We Provide Professional Epoxy Floor Coating Services in Boston, M.A, And Its Surrounding Areas.

Why choose us for your home or business space’s epoxy floor coating?

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Our Process at Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA

Whether the job is residential, commercial, or industrial, we leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure every epoxy floor coating we install is visually flawless, durable, and long-lasting.

Installing epoxy floor coating is more than just pouring resin over a concrete surface. At Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA, we follow a proper process because we believe one missed or failed step can cost you a fortune. Our flooring contractors will first conduct several tests to check if epoxy floor coating is a good fit for your existing floor type and to identify any hidden issues. The tests may include moisture test, oil deposit test, and curing compound test. Once we confirm that they are compatible, we will then begin our intensive prep work. 

Keep in mind that one of the biggest factors that determine the lifespan of your epoxy floor coating is the condition of the concrete slab it will be poured on. If the concrete underneath is not in good condition when the epoxy is applied, your new flooring won’t be able to do its job well and experience its full lifespan. Hence, one step in our installation process is repairing and preparing the concrete surface. 

We will fill any spalling or cracks and then grind and texturize the entire surface so that the epoxy floor coating will bond smoothly and perfectly. Before we apply the first coat, our contractors will also do a deep cleaning of the floor’s surface through pressure washing or steam cleaning to make sure no dirt, dust, and other debris will be trapped under the coating. Once the concrete surface is thoroughly cleaned and primed, we will finally apply the epoxy floor coating layer upon layer. It will only take a few days before your new epoxy floor dries up and become ready for foot traffic.

Boston Epoxy Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

At Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA, we offer Epoxy Flooring, Garage Epoxy Flooring, Basement Epoxy Flooring, Metallic Epoxy Flooring, and Commercial Epoxy Flooring. All our services are available for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We serve a wide range of industries in the Boston area.

First, you will need to double-check if epoxy floor coating is compatible with your existing floor type. Next, clean, repair any cracks and prime your floor. Purchase the epoxy resin mix that matches your current flooring, and then apply the epoxy.

Keep in mind that epoxy floor installation is not recommended as a DIY project. It is messy, time-consuming, and very complicated. It’s still best to hire professional contractors like us at Epoxy Flooring Boston, MA to avoid the hassles and prevent costly errors.

To ensure that epoxy is a good fit for your existing flooring, perform a moisture test. You can do this by taping a plastic bag to your floor and leaving it for 24 hours. If moisture has accumulated underneath, then epoxy is not compatible with your flooring. 

You can also check for concrete sealant. Pour water onto your concrete floor. If the water did not soak in, that means your floor has concrete sealant, and an epoxy floor coating won’t work since the two finishes are incompatible.

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